Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Mistborn Tag

As everyone knows, I am a huge Brandon Sanderson fan. I'm currently reading (or have just finished) Shadows of Self, his newest book. So if you haven't read a Sanderson novel yet, you really should. Particularly if you like fantasy. So here is the Mistborn Tag. I'm going to try and find the original (I think it's on YouTube), and get the link added in.

Iron: Name a book that PULLED you to it based on the cover. 

 Check out those covers. Aren't they pretty?

Steel: Name a book/series that PUSHED you to be a better person.
So many of Dean Koontz's books. They just push me to be a better person in general, because no matter how dark it gets there is always a way to be a light.  Odd Thomas in particular makes me want to be better. 

Tin: Name a book/series that you SENSED the ending of before it happened but still loved anyway. 
 This has probably happened with a lot of books and series over the years. I've even been spoiled for some (sometimes on purpose. I know, I know. I'm terrible), but that doesn't ruin my enjoyment. One of the most recent ones is 

Pewter: Name a Big book that made you physically STRONGER after carrying it around while reading.
And I loved all 1,087 pages. I carried it everywhere. And when book three comes out, I'll do the same thing.

Brass: Name a book that made you FEEL NUMB after reading it.
Anything by Sarah Dessen. Particularly

Zinc: Name a book that made you FEEL ANGRY. 
Well, I was not particularly fond of this novel. And the characters made me super mad. So here you go. 

Copper: Name a book where the main character must keep a secret or something terrible will happen.
 I suppose Sam's secret could mean "terrible" things might happen in a sense. Super good book.

Bronze: Name a book you’ve heard a lot about but have yet to pick up.
There are a lot, but I try not to read books when they are super popular, because I have a tendency of being disappointed. One that I would like to try (and I already own the first one) is

Atium: A book so great that it DESTROYS all others.
This is an easy one. My absolute favorite book
I'm just going to tag Saloni, since we've been reading the Mistborn books together. Check out her blog My Fantabulous Bookshelf.

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