Monday, October 5, 2015

Dean Koontz and Neal Shusterman Discussion & Giveaway!

This year I read the concluding books in two of my favorite series. Saint Odd, the seventh and final Odd Thomas novel by Dean Koontz, and Undivided, the fourth and final installment in Neal Shusterman's Unwind Dystology.

Since both of these authors are known for rather creepy subject matter, I decided that October was a perfect month to talk about them. And since it's my blogaversary month, I thought I would throw in a giveaway. So let's get in to some discussion.

Dean Koontz
I first started reading Koontz's novels in 2011. My mom had started reading his work and had one of his novels, Life Expectancy, and I needed something to read. This was really my first step into the thriller genre and I became an obsessed Koontz fan. I've read 20+ of his novels now and look forward to reading many more. 

So why do I like his books? Easy. They're good. Sure he writes about lots of death, sometimes some paranormal creatures, a fry cook who sees dead people, a building that time travels, and there's a lot of death, but his stories and characters are so enjoyable. One of the best things is that no matter how bleak the story, there is almost always some light in there. His characters are easy to relate to, have real struggles, and practically jump off the page. I've heard him described as horror, thriller, suspense, and similar genres. 

Another thing that I love about Koontz is his sense of humor. No matter how bleak the book seems, there is humor woven throughout every page. Some are much more humorous than others, but I haven't read one that didn't make me laugh. Usually out loud. Sometimes in the library. It can be rather odd. 

Neal Shusterman
I don't remember why I first picked up Unwind. I think I came across it in the library and it looked promising, so I read it. And it quickly became one of my favorites. I've loved the entire series. I've now read his Skinjacker novels as well and loved them too. 

Most of Shusterman's novels are focused toward the young adult audience and deal with teenagers. These teenagers have regular problems as well as odd ones. Like your parents wanting to send you to an unwind camp where they cut you up and sell your body parts. Or being in an in between life where you can't communicate with the living, but can't find your way to the dead, and your fears and memories slowly change you into something that's barely recognizable. So, not all normal problems, but there are plenty of those in the mix as well.

What I love about Shusterman is that he tackles real world problems in very unique and imaginative ways. His writing is simple, but powerful, and his characters are realistic. They grow right there in front of you. And although his novels are never super "scary" there are a lot of just creepy things. And just kind of have an eerie feel. It's honestly fascinating. 

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