Saturday, October 17, 2015

Shadows of Self~Brandon Sanderson | Review

Title: Shadows of Self (Mistborn #5)
Author: Brandon Sanderson
Genre: High Fantasy
Length: 383 Pages
Release: October 2015
My Rating: 5/5 Stars

After reading the original Mistborn trilogy and The Alloy of Law again this year, I was so excited for this book. I was already looking forward to reading it, but that just had me extremely excited since everything was fresh in my mind. I received the first seven chapters from Netgalley and read those, waiting for my preordered copy to come in the mail. I was hoping for something insane and epic, and this definitely delivers. 

I can't say that I had extreme expectations or thoughts as to where the story would go after Alloy, but this book surprised me. In a really good way. After rereading Alloy I assumed that the criminal organization The Set was going to be more of the main focus of the story, and in some ways they were, but there was so much more going on. Within those first seven chapters the novel took a turn that I did not expect. And I'm really glad it did. 

What's amazing about these stories is that Sanderson has taken the Mistborn world and moved it forward in time, showing the changes in the magic system and society as time has progressed. The characters that I knew and loved from the first series are now deities in most cases and the society is shaped around their ideals in various ways. And even though I love the magic in the original series, I almost like Wax and Wayne's abilities more. 

One thing that I did not expect was for the kandra to play such a huge role in this story. They were not really featured in Alloy, but their role here was insanely important. And we even get to see some of our old kandra friends. I was insanely excited for that. Really, you have no idea. I think I drove the people around me crazy. 

In this installment Wax, Wayne, and Marasi are faced with trying to protect their governor when civil unrest threatens to overthrow the world as they know it. There are plenty of action scenes with Sanderson's usual skill and fascinating magic. Each of our three main characters is forced to grow. We even get a small portion from Steris's point of view, which was really fun because she's such an outsider to the main story. There is so much background about our three leads and the struggles they've had to overcome and the ones they are still fighting. Wayne was hilarious, as usual. Wax was faced with things he (and I) never expected. Marasi is trying to find her place among her friends as well as colleagues, trying to force people to notice instead of forget her. So much happens.

Based on what I know about the third novel at this point, this was an excellent introduction. The ending was sad, but beautiful. And it definitely leaves me wanting the next book. If you haven't read this yet, go and do so now. If you haven't read the original series, go pick them up and read all five. You can have them all finished by the release of the third book in January of 2016. If you like fantasy, you won't regret it.    

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