Saturday, October 3, 2015

Better Date Than Never~Susan Hatler | Box Set Review

Title: Better Date Than Never (7-10)
Author: Susan Hatler
Genre: Romance
Length: 437 Pages
Release: July 2015  

I received a copy of this set in exchange for an honest review.

Romance novels are not generally something that I enjoy, but this series has been a lot of fun. They're short, clean (particularly in comparison to a lot of other romance novels I hear about), and have realistic characters. 

Driven to Date: 4/5 Stars
The relationship between Jill and Ryan in this is probably the most developed relationship in this series. They are instantly attracted to each other, and spend a lot of time together, but it takes place over a few weeks and not just a few days. And they are working together, getting to know each other as they are growing to love each other. It was really cute. 

I loved Jill in here. She was frustrating at times, but easy to relate to. It was nice to see her step out of her comfort zone and try some new things. She started out not really having any friends or a social life and I loved seeing things take off for her as she started trying to enjoy life more. 

Up to Date: 4/5 Stars
Ginger was a really frustrating character. I liked her, but she drove me crazy. She had a lot of issues with her parents because of her dad's choices (perhaps influenced by his career) and had a really hard time overcoming them, even when there was no evidence that things would ever be like that in her current situation. She just seemed stuck in a loop. 

Aside from that, I did really like this story. Greg was supportive and kind, even when he was being pushed away. The relationship between Greg and Ginger was cute. Her interior design job was a nice touch and made the story even more fun. 

Deja Date: 3/5 Stars
Melinda frustrated me even more than Ginger did. While I could definitely understand where a lot of her insecurities and issues came from, I didn't really like the way they were handled. I think she would have been forced to face some of these things earlier and not all at once.

While I enjoyed the fact that Melinda and Nate had a history, I would have preferred this be handled a little differently. A lot would change in fourteen years. And the fact that there had been no communication just didn't work for me. They were really cute and I enjoyed that their had been a previous connection, it just wasn't handled how I would have liked. Still a fun read. 

Date and Dash: 4/5 Stars
Mary Ann was a lot more fun here than she was in Ginger or Melinda's stories. It was easier to understand where she was coming from while inside of her head. And instead of seeming flighty, she just seemed impulsive. She could be frustrating at times, but the overall story and her development were nice. 

Mary Ann and Trevor were a cute pair, even if they did have a bit of a rough start. At times it didn't really feel like Trevor was a part of the story. It was nice to have some focus on Mary Ann and what was happening with her life, but I would have liked some more development for his character. I did enjoy the two of them opening up to each other about why the money for the TV contest they're participating in was important to them. It was nice to see them actually understand each other.

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