Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tuesday Talks | Bookish Pet Peeves

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Bookish Pet Peeves
I'm actually having a hard time coming up with very many pet peeves I have in regards to books and reading. Surprisingly. But here goes, I'll try to give you some of my thoughts. 

  • Dog Eared Pages: This is one of those things that really annoys me. My dad was a huge reader and he always dog eared his pages, so you would think I might have picked up the habit. Nope. I really can't stand when pages are dog eared. I also don't use book marks though, I just remember page numbers. I'm not against book marks though, I just don't use them. 
  • People Starting Conversations While I'm reading: It doesn't bother me so much for people to interrupt my reading to tell me something, but when they try to start a full conversation or discussion when I've been reading and they can see that I'm reading, it really annoys me. 
  • People Tossing Books Around or Carrying Them in Damaging Ways: This one may need some explanation. I don't mind when the spine of a book is cracked or if the book has some wear from being read. What I don't like is when people just toss their books in a bag or shove them in a backpack without making sure the covers don't bend or get scratched or something. This past year at Yallfest, there were so many people shoving books in suitcases or totes and not caring about damaging them and it made me cringe every time. And these were book people! It just drives me crazy. 
So these are some of my bookish pet peeves. I'm sure there are others, but I really can't think of any at the moment. Let me know in the comments what your bookish pet peeves are!   


  1. The second bullet is so completely true! I absolutely hate it when someone stops my reading to ask me what I'm reading and how I like it. I know they're just being nice, but I'd much rather read the book than talk about what little I have read.

    1. It can be very annoying. When I'm reading I just like to read. I don't want people constantly asking me questions!

  2. I totally agree on all of these, especially when people try to start a conversation when I'm reading. I feel like reading is it's own conversation already, ya know?

  3. totally agree with your points.
    Most of the time I listen to music with headphones on when I read. So luckily I don´t hear the conversation from people while I´m reading.