Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tuesday Talks | Biggest Influence on my Reading Passion

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Biggest Influence on My Passion for Reading
Honestly, I think my biggest reading influence would probably be my parents. And my older siblings. I have nine older siblings and many of them were already big readers by the time I thought about picking up a book. 

Both of my parents are huge readers. My dad loved reading westerns and my mom pretty much reads anything. I remember when I was younger that my parents would always read before they went to bed. They also read to us when I was little (my siblings read to me as well). 

I wasn't a huge reader until I was an early teenager. I enjoyed reading and stories because that's what my parents always did, but I couldn't read very well myself (mostly because I refused to practice). I saw the Harry Potter movie the day it came out when I was ten years old and then I wanted to read those books. At first my mom read them with me (because she could read faster out loud than I could silently, wow, I was slow). Then I started reading more on my own and read almost anything I could get my hands on. Mostly fantasy. 

So I think my family-my parents in particular-shaped my love for reading. And fantasy stories got me hooked. 

What about you? What got you into reading? Parents, siblings, teachers, friends?

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