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Fantasy of Flight~Kelly St. Clare | Review

Title: Fantasy of Flight (The Tainted Accords #2)
Author: Kelly St. Clare
Genre: Fantasy
Length: 253 Pages
Release: May 2015
My Rating: 3/5 Stars

I received an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review.

My veil is off and I need it back.

Stuck in the lethal outer rings of Glacium, I must fight to survive until I can find the answers I seek and find a way back to the Bruma castle. Being a Solati from the enemy world of Osolis would be bad enough, but being the Tatuma, the next in line to rule…No one can find out who I really am. Especially now the veil is off.

Has the Tatum refused King Jovan’s peace offers and declared war? Do my brothers and Aquin know I’m alive? Who are my enemies and who are my friends? Nothing is certain. Though, if I think about it, nothing has been certain in a long time.
All of my worries must all be put aside.

I can’t imagine many distracted fighters survive The Pit.

Warning: Fighting, adventure, action, fantasy, sexual themes and heartbreak (about twice that found in Fantasy of Frost. Watch out for the cliff-hanger ending, too! 

This is the sequel to Fantasy of Frost, which I read earlier this year and really enjoyed. I was so excited to get an advance copy of this novel! And first of all, let's just admire that cover. I mean, look at it. The first one was really cool and had a similar pattern, but this one is just brilliant. The ice and fire and just everything. It's beautiful. And gives a great representation of the worlds.

This novel picks up shortly after the events of book one, with Olina among fighters in an illegal fighting ring. While I enjoyed watching Olina develop her skills and gain some independence, I felt that the first thirty percent or so of this novel dragged somewhat. I felt that the story became somewhat derailed and lacked the flow that kept Fantasy of Frost so engaging. I expected more development regarding the area and Kedrick's death and this became kind of a side though for Lina. 

After this slow start things picked up a bit when Lina was reunited with Jovan and the rest of the Glacium court. Things were very different this time around, but more was discussed regarding potential wars and Kedrick's murder. The story finally returned to what had captivated me so much while reading the first novel.

There were some relationships in this novel that I felt were kind of just thrown at your or forced. Some of the connections just happened too quickly and portions were a bit rushed while others were slow. The flow was just a tad off this time around. I also really don't understand the society on Glacium. For some people they think that everyone is equal, others look down on women, abuse seems rampant, but then they claim it's not an issue there. Maybe this is to show that they aren't all on the same page as far as life goes, but it felt a bit out of synch. 

There was a touch of romance in this one and I actually really liked that part. It definitely introduces a new side to the story. There were also some developments with the war and the ending leaves you wondering what exactly will happen.

Overall this was a solid read. It wasn't brilliant and it lacked the flow of the first novel, but I am really looking forward to the next installment. I'm definitely intrigued to see where the story will go from here and what will happen to the characters as they take the next step on this journey. There are still plenty of questions to be answered and I'm excited to see where they go.

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