Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Double Feature~Maggie Dana | Review

Title: Double Feature (Timber Ridge Riders #9)
Author: Maggie Dana
Genre: Middle Grade Equestrian
Length: 120 Pages
Release: April 2014
My Rating: 4/5 Stars

I received a copy of this novel through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

This is either the third or fourth novel I've read in this series and what I love about these kinds of books is that you don't have to read them in order to enjoy them. The most recent one I read was book eight, so it was nice to read this one and get some questions I had lingering from that story answered, but they are enjoyable no matter the order you read them. 

In this installment Kate and Holly are preparing for two large events: Nathan's movie premiere and the Festival of Horses. But first, they have to get Kate back at Timber Ridge.

This novel answered a lot of those questions I had left open at the end of book eight. Many of the relationship questions were answered, Kate finally dealing with her conflicting feelings for Nathan and Brad. Kate and Holly were dealing with the falling out that nearly destroyed their friendship. And Kate was finally getting back on good terms with the rest of her friends. 

We also get to see another side of Angela. There have always been hints as to why she is the way she is, but here we get some more concrete information. We get a little bit of a glimpse into her past and also see some of her friendlier side. It was nice to see her and the rest of the girls gain some understanding of each other. Hopefully they will be able to continue growing as the series progresses. 

The horse show itself was excellent. The dressage, cross country, and show jumping were described beautifully. It reminded me a lot of the shows I used to do so often as a teenager. There was even a written portion in the event that reminded me of the competitions I loved so much in my 4-H years. It was nice to see some various pieces of horse knowledge thrown in that didn't necessarily pertain to the story or style of riding being presented. 

This was a really fun installment in the series and I'm excited to read more of them in the future. I definitely think that horse crazy middle grade aged kids would love this series. I will definitely be recommending it to the current generation of horse enthusiasts. 

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