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Towers of Midnight~Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson | Review

Title: Towers of Midnight (Wheel of Time #13)
Author: Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson
Genre: High Fantasy
Length: 843 Pages
Release: November 2010

This has been my favorite book in the series to this point. There was not a dull moment, everything building beautifully together. A few things annoyed me, but overall it was an excellent book. I will give some highlights, but won't go into much detail on the plot since this is a latter installment in the series. Everything is still building toward the same end. 

The Characters were wonderful in this. Aside from Elayne and Gawyn (who I personally think should have been written out of the entire series), a few scenes with Morgase, and portions of our time with Egwene, I was very pleased with all of our characters and what they are up to. 

Rand: Not much time was spent here, but we did get to see some of what he's up to. Honestly, I love how he's changed through the series. I find him quite fascinating at this point. We also got to see a little of him with Nynaeve and the friendship that has developed there. And some of his interactions with Min, which were nice. 

Mat: A lot of people don't like how Sanderson has handled Mat's character, but I think this was one of his best touches. Mat was working his way into my good graces in the last couple of Jordan installments and continues to do so. He has an exciting story, but be very annoying, and always manages to irritate people. And yet he still makes me smile. Also, I can't wait for him and Tuon to meet up again. That should be interesting. And here he was able to help Thom on a quest that brought back an old character I've been waiting to see. 

Perrin and Galad: The previous book told us these two would meet up and we finally got to see it. Galad has been neglected through the series and I'm glad to finally get more time with him. I really liked seeing his reunion with Morgase. And how he had to rethink his initial thoughts/impressions of Perrin. 

Egwene: There was a lot going on in the White Tower and most of it was interesting. Egwene had become somewhat likable, but here she was back to being rather infuriating. And the way she treated Gawyn was absurd (even if I don't like the guy). 

Lan: We don't get much of Lan, but what we do get is amazing. His march to his fallen land of Malkier, which starts out very reluctantly (not the march itself, but the gathering of followers), was absolutely brilliant. He is definitely another character I would have liked more time with. There was so much potential that I don't think we will ever truly be able to appreciate. 

There were some snippets of time with Forsaken, people within the Black Tower, and various Aes Sedai. Many of these were very enjoyable and left me with a lot of questions. 

The conclusion to this made me want to pick up the next book right away. It was full of action and left so many open questions. I very much look forward to the final novel. 

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