Friday, January 13, 2017

Knight's Haven~P D Kalnay | Review

Title: Knight's Haven (Legend of the White Sword #4)
Author: P D Kalnay
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Length: 204 Pages
Release: December 2016

There are some books that are a joy to read and this series is full of them. The Legend of the White Sword is a series of young adult fantasy novels that deals with parallel worlds and fae. Each book is fairly short with Knight's Haven coming in at the longest of those already published. And they keep getting better and better.

Not being a fan of fae stories had me a bit wary when I first started this series, but I was already a fan of other novels by this author, so I was hoping to be impressed. And I definitely was. The series isn't designed to be an epic or for extreme depth. The focus is more on the characters and the specific struggles they are facing to reach an end goal, which works really well. This is the type of fantasy novel you sit down to read when you want something fun that doesn't take you weeks to read. 

Knight's Haven continues Jack's story as he adapts to life in a new world with Ivy. He learns more about his past self and not all of it is good. You see him struggle somewhat as he tries to come to terms with who he was versus who he is and who he wants to be. 

The addition of One, Two, and Three was great. They were introduced in book three and I felt like you really get to know them in this installment. They each having something to add to the story and are full of information that could mean big developments in the last few novels. 

There is some relationship drama in this book. (Could it really be YA if there weren't?) But the romantic aspect of the story isn't really the focus. There are lots of other things going on and even though the interactions between Jack and Ivy are important and take up a lot of the book, they never felt too angsty for me. 

The ending to this left a lot of open questions and was much darker than the previous books, which makes me really excited to see where they story heads next. Book five cannot be released soon enough. 

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