Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Wednesday Riders~Tudor Robins | Review

Title: Wednesday Riders (The Island #2)
Author: Tudor Robins
Genre: YA Romance/Equestrian
Length: 238 Pages
Release: February 2015
My Rating: 2.5/5 Stars

I was not blown away by Appaloosa Summer, but I was still intrigued and waiting to see what happened in Wednesday Riders. Unfortunately, I was rather disappointed with what I got. 

While I enjoy young adult novels and have liked my fair share of love drama in the past, it really annoys me for the love story in a book to completely overshadow everything else. And that's what happened here. I also understand that there has to be some conflict, and not all relationships are perfect, in fact, no relationship is, but the way that Meg and Jared's turmoil was presented was just not something I could enjoy. They were both extremely immature about the situation and I didn't feel like it was ever truly resolved. Also, why was everyone they knew as into their breakup as they were? Yes, I understand that these are both people that they cared about, but it seemed like everyone was devastated by their breakup. That just did not seem realistic to me. 

The Wednesday Rider girls were fun and their drama a little more realistic and relatable, even for someone in their 20s. Almost everyone has had that experience, where they start to drift away from their friends for one reason or another. Certain things about this still frustrated me though. I don't want to go into too many details and give a lot of spoilers, but I think Meg's role in this drama was perhaps the thing that annoyed me most. She wanted to seem a lot older than the younger girls, but never really did. I don't know, it just really frustrated me. 

I wanted a horse book in reading this series, but I never really felt like I got it. Meg has a new horse, Jess, who has had some problems in the past, but we don't really get to see Meg work through any of these problems. And then she let's a girl she's never seen ride before start using her horse...Call me crazy, but that's not something I could just do. Not with a horse like Jess. 

The characters just never felt like they did in the previous book. Meg was less independent and more focused on her relationship with Jared than I would have expected. The side story with her sailing didn't add much, other than some frustrating love drama with Adam. Ergh. Jared was insecure and silly. Everyone else was too into the teen love drama. And I didn't feel like the younger girls received enough development. 

In summation, this book had some enjoyable moments. I liked the horsey stuff, but it always felt like a side story and not the story, which was not what I was expecting or wanting. There is a lot of teen romance and drama, which would definitely appeal to some readers, but was not for me. The conclusion, while not as satisfying as I would have liked, wasn't bad. I definitely think this would appeal to a lot of YA romance fans, particularly if they like drama.   

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