Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Liebster Award 2016

I was nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely Aneesa over at A Crave For Books, so definitely go and check her out!

How this Works
*Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you
*Answer the 11 questions the blogger has given you
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*Give those bloggers your own 11 questions to answer

And now...It's time to answer some questions!

1. Is there anything that puts you off reading a book?  
There are certain things that I just don't like in books and I try to avoid them. Too much bad language (not something I want to read) or sex (mentioned is ok, but descriptive not so much) and I either don't pick it up or DNF it. The most basic thing though is characters. I have to be really into characters in order to love a book, so if I can't connect to the characters I'm likely not going to enjoy the book. 
2. Do you prefer books with one POV? Or more than one?
I like both, but in general more than one POV is my favorite. I read a lot of fantasy and having a dense fantasy with loads of perspectives is my favorite. :)

3. Is there any genres that you have not tried? If so, why?

A genre I haven't tried...that's kind of hard. Maybe romance? Depending on what you would consider romance. I've never read any just straight romance novels because it's not something I enjoy (particularly those with graphic sex scenes, so no erotica for me). 
4. Have you ever read a book that has either inspired or touched you on a personal level?

YES! There have been many, but my favorite novel is The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson. It's fantasy, but there are so many lessons to be learned. I feel like I'm gaining life lessons every time I read it. It's like I become a better person when I read it. There have definitely been others, particularly non fiction (and scriptures, which kind of fall into the non fiction category), but as far as fiction that is the main one. 

5. How do you feel about authors who deserve recognition but don't get it?

In some ways it makes me kind of sad, but at the same time I think most writers write more for themselves and the story they are telling than for being seen. And eventually they will get the recognition they deserve if they stick with it. Trust me, I know it's hard to keep going when you're not able to support yourself on your writing or not getting reviews, but in the end it's about how much satisfaction your writing gives you. So any author reading this, just keep writing what you love and want to share. Eventually someone will see the brilliance. 
6. What is your most favourite thing about a book? And least favourite?

Being able to discover new friends and places would be a favorite. And also being able to hold them in my hands. I can always remember things best when I have something physical to jog the memory. As far as least favorite...I really don't know. I love books so much that there isn't much I can say negatively. 
7. What kind of books do you prefer? (romance, humor, action, erotica, mystery)

Fantasy! High fantasy, set on an entirely different planet is my favorite kind. And very character driven. I love a lot of others, but these are the ones that make me feel the most. They are just so beautiful. 
8. How does a book or author catch your attention?

When I was younger it was honestly by how big the spine of a book was...When I would browse the library I would pass over the skinny books and look at the long ones. Now, there is a lot more that goes into it. Seeing the book on goodreads, hearing about them from a friend, the genre. There are so many different things. I've even found some great authors and books through book signings. There's an even (Yallfest) that I've been to three times and each year I'll get a list of the authors and then look them up to see if I'm interested in reading their books. I've found some great ones like that. 
9. Do you ever read reviews of a book and then make your judgement on whether to read it or not?   

Very occasionally. In general I try to steer clear of reviews before I read a book because I don't want them to shape my opinion too much. But sometimes it's through  a review that I find out about a book, so that would sway my likelyhood of reading that book. I really just like to know a few bare details and the genre and then just jump into a book. I don't want to know too much before I start reading, I want to discover it. 
10.  Have you ever learned something new from a book?

Most definitely. This is particularly true with historical fiction. I haven't read a ton of it; although I enjoy it quite a bit. But when I do read it I'm fascinated by all of the little things I can learn about certain events. I have somewhat of an obsession with things involving WWII and so reading fiction and non fiction about that era is fascinating and educational for me. 
11. Outdoor or indoor reading?

I really like both. I read indoor more often than outdoor, but I do enjoy them both. If I'm reading on my kindle then indoor is the way to go. It hurts my eyes to read my kindle outside. A physical book I can read anywhere though. I really like to read at the barn with my horses. 

My Nominees
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And I think that will be it this time. Here are your questions if you decide to do the post. :)

1) What is the first book you can remember reading?
2) Has reading ever influenced you to learn something new? If so, what?
3) Where is your favorite place to read?
4) What is your preferred format for books (Audio, physical-paper/hard, digital)?
5) Do you listen to music or watch tv while you read?
6) Do you get rid of books you didn't like?
7) Is there a film/show/play that you've enjoyed more than the book? If so, what and why?
8) Have you ever met any of your favorite authors?
9) Are you a writer as well as a reader? If so, do you want to publish your work?
10) Aside from reading what is your favorite hobby?
11) Who is your favorite fictional character?

I hope you have fun with these questions! And let me know any of your answers to any question in this post in the comments below.