Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tuesday Talks | Favorite Reading Spots

You can find out more information about the group Tuseday Talks on goodreads. It was created by Janie and Janelle and we have a new topic every week.

Favorite Reading Spots
Personally, I read anywhere and everywhere. I always have a book (or a few books) with me, no matter where I go. You never know when you might have some time to read. 

If I'm at home reading, you're most likely to find me on my couch or sitting on the floor. I don't enjoy reading in bed, so I don't tend to do that much. The couch, however, is a nice place to sit and read. Or lay and read. Either is fine. 

Reading outside is also fun. I love being with my horses at the barn, so reading around them is always great. Sometimes I'll just sit at the barn with the cats in my lap or at my feet, horses right there in the pasture, and enjoy a book. 

Where do you like to read? Any favorite spots? Why are they your favorites?


  1. I would read outside more if I had reading sunglasses, not sure if they have made reading glasses into sunglasses yet. Otherwise the sun hitting the pages is really bright and hurts my eyes. I read the most in my comfy chair in the living room. Most of the time I can read anywhere I want in the house during the day because I am here by myself. But in the evening it is harder cause everyone is here.

    1. Other people being around is usually when I venture into my room. I agree with the reading outside thing. I usually only read outside if I'm sitting in a shaded area, otherwise it gives me a headache. And even with my kindle the glare from the sunlight hurts my eyes.

      A nice reading chair sounds nice!