Saturday, September 26, 2015

Divine Intervention Discussion

Over in our goodreads group Read Together, Blog Together, we had the opportunity to read, discuss and review Divine Intervention by Edward Davies. Feel free to check out our group and join if you're interested in buddy reading having blog discussions.  The cover and synopsis are provided.

Jimmy Stewart Moon - his parents had been big fans of 'It's A Wonderful Life' - was bored, but not for much longer...
When he accidentally falls out of his bedroom window whilst peeping at his next door neighbour, he meets Frank – a man who claims to be God! Not only that, but Frank claims that His only reason for being on Earth is to help Jimmy get together with the girl of his dreams.
Unfortunately where there’s God, it always follows that there’ll be a Devil!

What did you think about the characters and characterization?
I would have liked some more development in the characters. Jimmy was the most developed, and he was likable enough, but I still didn't really feel connected to him.

Was the devil/angel plot crafted how you expected? If not, what was different?
This was slightly different than I was expecting. For some reason I thought they would both appear at the same time and it would be more of a fight to see who Jimmy wanted to listen to. I guess I thought it would be one of the devil's minions and not the actual devil as well.

Were you rooting for Jimmy to get the girl? Why or why not?
This goes back to characterization for me. There wasn't a lot of information about the girl to begin with. All we know is that she's attractive and Jimmy likes to spy on her. I can't really say I was rooting for him. I would have preferred if he just went and talked to her. I know that wasn't the point in the story, but since the love interest aspect was there I would have enjoyed a bit more with that.

Was the conclusion satisfactory?
I was satisfied with the ending, but it didn't blow me away. Some of the relationships with characters were too rushed for my liking. Everything worked out for the best, which was good, but I would have enjoyed just a bit more detail about their lives.


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