Friday, September 25, 2015

So...I Met a Vampire Discussion #2

In our group on goodreads, Read Together, Blog Together, we had the opportunity to read, discuss, and review So...I Met a Vampire by Paul McAvoy. This is our second discussion post for the novel. Feel free to join our group if you're interested in buddy reading and having blog discussions.

What did you think about Seymour's reaction to Jess having traded with Gee?

Courtney: It wasn't a very positive reaction. My first thought was that it was going to mean something unpleasant.

Victoria: Like Courtney said, I assumed it would mean something bad was about to happen.
Do you have any thoughts on Jess's struggle between her two selves?
Courtney: This comes into play near the end. I actually found it quite interesting and think that it hints at some rather interesting things for Jess in the future.

Victoria: I wish it had been explored more earlier in the book. We only really got to see the struggle at the end, and I was interested in where that was going to go.
How different or similar was the novel to your expectations when you started?
Courtney: I guess it was rather different than I thought it would be. I was expecting the vampires to be a larger part of the novel and for that to be the main exploration and it didn't really seem like they were.

Victoria: Quite different. I thought it was going to focus on vampires more, and I thought we'd explore some of the ideas mentioned in there more, like the secret organisation and the girl at the shop etc.

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