Monday, September 21, 2015

The Hero of Ages Discussion #2

It's time for another discussion post with Saloni from My Fantabulous Bookshelf! Here's our second discussion about The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson. This is the final book in the Mistborn trilogy.  As always, there are minor spoilers for the first section of this book as well as major spoilers for the events of the previous two books.

  1. How do you feel about Vin’s character at this point in the book?
Courtney: Vin can be a frustrating character, but she’s so real. In book one we were able to see her go from an untrusting, fearful street urchin to a powerful Allomancer, developing friendships along the way. In book two she was questioning herself a lot, trying to force herself into a certain role, but still managed to grow. I think she only continues to progress. She’s learned to accept and even started coming to terms with her role in Elend’s government as well as her role as a woman. I’m really enjoying the changes in her thought processes so far in this installment.   

Saloni: She’s definitely progressed throughout the series and I love how she’s finally realizing that she doesn’t have to pick one identity or the other. I love that she’s been able to accept and embrace both parts of herself. I think the the dual genetic nature of her Mistborn identity really comes into play into how well she fits both roles of nobility and skaa. I still hope there’s some type of confrontation between her and her father, if he has survived through all of this. I think it would give us good closure on her childhood.

  1. What are your thoughts on the religious issues Sazed is facing?
Courtney: It’s interesting to see this new side of Sazed. He was always the faithful one, believing in so many different religions because they brought hope to those who stood by their precepts. Now that he believes he’s lost his faith and is struggling to find truth within any of them, he’s easier to relate to in many ways. His faith was somewhat blind up until this point and he’s reached a sort of cross roads. I think that is something we all face, even if it’s not in regards to religion. It’s definitely been interesting so far to see how his story is playing out and his interactions with the crew. 

Saloni: I really think that everything Sazed is going through now is so relatable to what so many of us deal with today. He’s spending so much time trying to decide which religion is “true” but instead continues to find contradictions between different religions. I just find the whole process very interesting and I’m excited to see how Sanderson resolves it.

  1. Who do you think is telling the short narrations at the beginning of each chapter?
Courtney: These little snippets are something that I always enjoy about these books. They are insightful and give major hints as to what’s coming (if you’re looking closely enough). It’s hard to say who, exactly, is writing these, but since it surrounds the Terris people it would make sense for it to be someone closely associated with them.  

Saloni: In all of the previous books we’ve had similar narrations at the beginning of each chapter and, if I remember correctly, from the first and second book the narrator was the Hero of Ages not the Lord Ruler who was Rashek. The narration from this book involves facts from the present and the past which leads me to suspect a Terrisman, possibly Sazed or Tindwyl.

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