Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Top Five Wednesday! Favorite Female Characters!

As an avid reader and aspiring author I have recently joined the booktube community. I've always been intrigued by the idea of a blog, so here we go! For my first post I have decided to join with the Top Five Wednesday group. So let's get started!

Top Five Female Characters
I love strong female characters and here are just a few of my favorites!
Up first is Risa from Neal Shusterman's dystopian series Unwind. This girl is way kick butt. First of all she grows up as an orphan and when she's sent away to be unwound she doesn't go quietly. At the first chance she bolts for freedom and begins working to undo the system that threw her away. I cannot wait to see where Risa ends up in the conclusion Undivided (which comes out this month)!

Next is Connie from one of my favorite current series I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga. Connie is probably one of the strongest female characters I've read about recently. Jazz, her boyfriend, is the main protagonist in the series and Connie refuses to just be another pretty face to be protected. I love the fact that she pushes Jazz, even when she probably shouldn't. She forces him to confront the fact that all people are messed up, and sure his father is a notorious serial killer, but that doesn't mean Jazz is destined to follow the same path. I love her for her spunk and drive. 

The Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer is one of my favorites of all time. These books would not be the same without Holly, the elven police officer from New Haven who takes risks and never backs down. Over the course of the novels Holly develops a deep friendship with Artemis, who originally kidnapped and held her for ransom. I love her development and the ways that she forces Artemis to confront the demon within his genius. This woman is just awesome.

If you've watched any of my booktube videos, you probably know that I LOVE the Legend trilogy by Marie Lu. One of the things that makes this series so amazing is June. In the first novel June is forced to turn her back on the life she's always known when she discovers the dark secrets that resulted in the death of both her parents and eventually her brother. One thing that makes June so awesome is her determination and drive to defend and avenge those she loves. The last book is heartbreaking and heartwarming. Champion is definitely my favorite of the trilogy and June is once again forced to sacrifice so much in order to give those she loves what they need. Beautiful.

And finally, my number one favorite female character is Vin from the Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson. Vin is complicated, antisocial, wary, and just plain tough. After growing up on the streets she discovers her true potential and is taken in by a band of thieves where she must not only learn to control her abilities, but also play dress up and infiltrate high society! Vin develops so much throughout the series and just keeps getting stronger and stronger. She faces so many hard decisions, makes so many mistakes, and gives up everything to protect what she thinks is right. Just a fantastic series overall and a majorly kick butt leading lady! If you haven't read these, go read them now!

This has been my first post and my first Top five Wednesday! In the future I will probably do a video for these as well. I would love to know who your favorites are, so comment and let me know! If you're interested check out my channel and let me know what you think! 

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  1. I love The Legend Series too! Marie Lu is amazing! I can't wait to read The Young Elites soon.

    1. I know, she is so talented! I'm so excited for The Young Elites! I have it on hold in the library right now, so I'm hoping it comes in really soon! :)

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