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All Our Yesterdays~Cristin Terrill | Review/Thoughts

Here are some of my thoughts on All Our Yesterdays by Cristin Terrill. I think I initially put this on my TBR after reading/watching someone on line talk about it (although I cannot remember who, sorry). I finally picked it up at the library, but it was kind of a "maybe I'll get to this" type of a thing. I had several other books I was planning to read first in preparation for a book festival I will be attending in November. After reading several of those, I decided I wanted to give this book a try. And boy am I glad I did! I rate this a 4 out of 5 stars.

Non-Spoiler Thoughts
All Our Yesterdays centers around two girls: Em and Marina. Em and her friend Finn are prisoners in a futuristic dystopian society, being held for documents they possess that are important to the work of the man they call the doctor (who regularly has them tortured). The doctor's work centers around a machine called Cassandra-which allows time travel! When Em discovers a list written in her handwriting that outlines several failed attempts to undo the work that created Cassandra (and their current timeline), she and Finn must escape to the past to kill their best friend James.

Marina's story takes place four years in the past. Her best friend James is a genius and his other best friend is Finn Abbott, a boy Marina despises who calls her "M." When Marina witnesses Em and Finn attempting to shoot James the events of the past take on a new turn and Marina struggles with her feelings for James and develops a friendship with Finn who is obviously in love with her.

As the two stories overlap and interweave the bonds of friendship and love are tested, lives are changed forever, and everyone must come to terms with who they were and who they will become.  There is a love story (stories?) and Em and Finn are just adorable. :)

The main reason this did not get a full 5 star review was due to its slow start. It took me around 40 or 50 pages before I was fully invested, but once I was, boy was I addicted. 

The characters were not the most brilliant of any I've ever read, but I really enjoyed them. I loved Finn, he was just so cute, sweet, loyal, and real. The book would not have been nearly as enjoyable without his character. Em was likable and her love for Finn was so sweet. She still had feelings for James, but her heart really belonged to Finn. James was an idealized childhood best friend love, while Finn was grounding, strong, and pure. It was a beautiful contrast. Marina was irksome in the beginning, but she grew so much throughout the novel and by the end, I know she was going to fall in love with Finn for real, some way or another. James was the only character of the four (three?) who I really had problems with. I just never really got why Marina and Finn were so drawn to him.

The ending was beautiful and tragic. After realizing just how much of a monster he became, James took his own life, saving Finn (who is older self had murdered) and sparing both Finn and Marina the heartbreak that was sure to follow otherwise. The ending was full of hope for Marina and Finn, particularly since he was always in love with her, and I just loved it! Finn and Em were just so adorable throughout and I loved the fact that they were going to have a chance to really love each other without the knowledge that they would be ripped apart again (since this was their 15th time coming back). Simply beautiful. I have a new book crush. Finn Abbott, you are beautiful. 

No More Spoilers!
Thanks for reading! If you've read this book, let me know what you think! I have become addicted, what's with me lately? I have not been addicted to a book in quite a while and then the Grisha trilogy changed that. And now this! Ugh, it's just tearing me apart! 

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  1. I could only read the non-spoilery part, but the synopsis sounds quite nice! :) Futuristic dystopian societies, when done well, are always amazing to read about.

    1. You should definitely pick it up. I became quite addicted and now I'm just sad there aren't more!