Monday, October 13, 2014

Mitosis~Brandon Sanderson | Review/Thoughts

Brandon Sanderson's Steelheart is about a world where ordinary men became extraordinary when an event known as Calamity gave them super powers. But it's not what you think. Instead of becoming super heroes, these men became villains. These villains are known as epics. When David Charleston was a child, a new epic came into town: Steelheart. In that first encounter everyone was killed, including David's father, except for David himself. Now, ten years later, David is on a mission to stop Steelheart. David may hold the only key to this seemingly impossible mission: he's see Steelheart bleed.

If you have not read Steelheart, I highly recommend it. Sanderson is one of my two favorite authors and I've never read anything by him that I did not love. So go ahead, check it out. :)

Now, for this review I will be discussing Mitosis, a short novella following the events of Steelheart. I actually got the audio copy of this from audible where it's free for a short time. The story picks up shortly after the conclusion of Steelheart and follows David and his Reckoner friends as they deal with the after effects of their latest mission.

When a new epic known as Mitosis shows up demanding to see David, things get interesting really fast. Mitosis can split into an unknown number of duplicates of himself, essentially creating his own personal army. A short chase, melting, and gunshots ensue.

If you've read Steelheart this is a great little novella to get you ready for the next full length novel Firefight, which comes out in the beginning of 2015. It's super quick too. The audio file is only about an hour. I listened to it while driving to church yesterday (which is an hour drive for me). It's a fun, quick little read/listen if you've read and enjoyed Steelheart. I would not read it first, because it does contain spoilers, but definitely get a copy and keep it on hand if you plan to read Steelheart.

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