Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tuesday Talks | Make Your Own Soundtrack

It's time for another Tuesday Talks. This is a discussion group created by Janie and Janelle which was designed to create bookish discussions between booktubers and bloggers. You can visit the goodreads group to find out what the topics are each week and participate.

Make Your Own Soundtrack
This week we're creating a soundtrack for our favorite books. This could be for the book, if the book was turned into a movie, really any way you want to interpret it. I started thinking of some songs for my favorite novel The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson, but have not finished that one. So, here are some songs I paired with Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. 

Flight by Lifehouse
I've lost my balance
I fell from the trapeze
This act isn't easy

Tightrope by Kelly Clarkson
And maybe you and I will fall in time, eventually
Maybe we'll both die trying, but I can't bring myself to leave
'Cause I've looked
And I ain't seen nothing like you
The way you light up every room tonight
So easily

The Last Time by Taylor Swift and Gary Golightly
This is the last time I'm asking you this
Put my name at the top of your list
This is the last time I'm asking you why
You break my heart in the blink of an eye, eye, eye

Call Me by Shinedown
I'll always keep you inside
You healed my heart and my life
You know I've tried

Let Me Fall for You by David Cook
I was wrong, I was wrong
Thinking my heart could be my own
I was strong, I was strong
When I had a reason to hold on 
Let me fall, let me fall for you 
Let me fall for you

So here are some of the songs I think would be a great soundtrack for Six of Crows. I highly recommend them all. And this book. It's a great book. 
What song would you pick for the soundtrack of one of your favorite books?


  1. Ahh 'Call Me' is one of my favorite songs! So gorgeous :)

    1. It really is beautiful. I just love Shinedown. :)