Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Tuesday Talks | Browsing Vs Knowing

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Do You Browse or Know What You'll Buy?
A little bit of both, really. There's a bookstore near where I work and sometimes I stop in there just to see what they have on sale. Otherwise I usually go looking for something specific and browse as I go. You miss out on a lot if you don't browse. There are so many books that you may never hear of otherwise. 

This is different for online shopping. I rarely browse book seller sites online. When I'm ordering a book it's one I already know I want to read. Sometimes I find books through goodreads that I'm interested in, but I don't always go and buy them.

This topic really applies to libraries too. I love browsing the shelves of a library because you can find such a wide range of things. I have found some of my favorite books just by walking through a library and pulling random things from shelves. 

Do you browse or always know what you want when you go the library/bookstore?

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