Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tuesday Talks | Sharing Negative Reviews with Authors

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Sharing Negative Reviews with Authors
I think that it is very important to be honest when reviewing a novel. You should show respect for the author and the work they obviously put into the writing, but be honest in what you thought of the novel. I have recently reviewed several novels for authors and tend to share the review no matter what my opinion. They wanted my honesty and I will give them my honesty. 

There is no need to be overly harsh in a review and I try to avoid that in my reviews. I try to give thoughtful suggestions for improvement as well as areas where I think the story or writing is lacking. No one is perfect and we all have different tastes, but sharing our opinions can help authors improve whether the review be positive or negative. 

It's important to be honest. If you don't like something then share your dislikes. Authors in general are used to receiving good, bad, beautiful, and ugly. It doesn't help to give praise where we see fault. We just have to do so in the right way. Sometimes that can be difficult because not all people are the same and will respond in the same way, but being honest is always the best policy.

Keep on reading and reviewing!


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