Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Review Requests and Other Information

I have recently had questions regarding my review policy and if I take requests from authors for reviewing their works. I decided I would write a post for anyone who may be interested.

How to Contact me
  • Email: randominconsistancy@yahoo.com
You can also find me on other forms of social media:
Do I take requests?
Yes! If you like my reviewing style and think I would be interested in your novel then please ask. You can email me at the address listed above with a brief synopsis of your novel and any additional information you would like for me to have. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please note: I don't enjoy novels with lots of, or explicit, sexual content. I also avoid books with excessive cursing/profanities/obscenities. These are just things to keep in mind when requesting a review.  

 How Long Does it Take me to Read and Review?
I generally try to have reviews posted within a month of receiving the novel, but this has become increasingly difficult due to scheduling conflicts recently. If you have a specific deadline requirement please make note of that in your email and I will let you know if I can meet that requirement.

I also run a goodreads group, Read Together, Blog Together, where we take requests for review, so if you're interested in offering copies to that group feel free to visit the goodreads page or email me through the email listed above. 
Do I post all reviews or only good ones?
I write a review for every novel I read. I tend not to complete novels that I do not like at least by the half way point-if this is the case for your novel, let me know in advance if you would like for me to rate/review or not. I try to explain in my reviews why the novel received the rating it did. I may not mention the rating itself, but I will discuss my likes and dislikes in detail. Receiving a free copy will not change my opinion of the novel. I always share my honest opinion.

Where I Post Reviews
All reviews will be posted here on my blog. I also write short reviews and link back to the full review through goodreads. I do the same for Amazon in many cases, so let me know if you would like me to post on Amazon as well. I occasionally do video reviews on my YouTube channel. If a video review is something you would like, please let me know in your email.

I'm sure I will have more information to add and/or change in the future, but for now these are my policies and practices regarding reviewing. If you have any questions please ask!


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