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Tuesday Talks | Reviewing: Self Published vs Traditionally Published

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Reviewing: Self Published vs Traditionally Published

Over the past few months, since starting this blog, I have gotten really into reviewing novels. I used to occasionally write a reviews on Goodreads and during 2014 I wrote a review for every novel I read. Since joining BookTube and starting this blog, reviewing has become something I love. 

I started reviewing novels for authors in November and have had great success so far. As far as self or traditionally published novels go, I'm not really sure I have a preference. I am working toward publication myself and will likely self publish my first book this year, so I like to support those doing the same. This doesn't change my opinion of the novel. If I dislike it I will definitely say so. 

I have reviewed several novels from self published authors as well as for authors who have publishers. Usually they have been lesser known publishing houses, but publishing houses nonetheless. I also read popular novels, thus I have something to compare them to. The only thing that seems to be different is the editing, in general. Self published authors are generally not able to put as much into having their novels editing, meaning they tend to do more of the work themselves. I have read some very good self published novels recently, so I think a lot of it has to do with the author. 

I really just like reading and if I'm going to enjoy a story and the writing then process of publication doesn't play a role in my reading and reviewing. I tend to search out self published authors or lesser known authors when seeking novels to review. I like helping those who are already doing what I plan to be doing myself. 

A lot of a what makes a good novel is the writing and the story. A good author can make their novel a good story no matter how they go about publishing it. Sure, their first attempt might not be the best, but it will still have some of the qualities that will hint at future success. Good writing is just good writing. 

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Good luck with all those reading goals for the new year!


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