Tuesday, June 13, 2017

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Are you a writer?
Writing is probably the one thing that comes naturally to me. Am I perfect in my writing? No, not by any means. Am I a good writer? I like to think so. Do I enjoy writing? Yes. It's one of my greatest passions. So let's talk about this a little more. 

I have been creating stories for as long as I can remember. I loved drawing and art as a child (I still do, I just didn't develop the skill) and would carry around notebooks and drawing supplies everywhere I went. It was a long time before I was much of a reader, but I would write all the time using invented spelling and chronicling the adventures of my heroes and heroines. Some of the ideas weren't even that bad, they just need a lot of polish. 

In my teens I wrote a few novels but never edited them or did much with them after that first drafting stage. Since then, I've stared developing my skills more. I write regularly, have joined online writing communities (which can be really helpful), and completed NaNoWriMo once. The writing is the easy part for me; it's the editing that pulls me down. 

My writing journey continues and I finally released a story this year. I am hoping for many more to come. It's short, it's sweet (ish), and I had a blast writing it. Short stories and novellas have become a writing obsession for me, but I still enjoy poetry and novels. Writing is in my blood. 

If you're curious, my story is Worlds with Ruby

Are you a writer? I would love to hear about your writing journey. 

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