Friday, June 30, 2017

Dark Deception~Nancy Mehl | Review

Title: Dark Deception (Defenders of Justice #2)
Author: Nancy Mehl
Genre: Thriller
Length: 320 Pages
Release: June 2017

A copy of this novel was provided through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

Once you turn that first page you will begin a ride with your heart in your throat, from beginning to end.

Brilliant storyteller, Nancy Mehl, has once again crafted a dramatic, spine-tingling suspense—guaranteed to keep you holding on to the edge of your seat with bated breath! My thoughts were all over the place as I took a chilling roller coaster ride into the mastermind behind numerous serial killings and his intended victim, Kate O'Brien. Kate has been living a quiet life in small-town, Shelter Cove, under an assumed name, after a horrendous attack four years prior by a notorious serial killer who took the life of her twin sister. Kate appears strong and whole, but much to her chagrin, handsome Deputy U.S. Marshall Tony DeLuca draws attention to the fact that she is in denial about that horrific night and needs inner healing. Tony has his own denial issues when it comes to his feelings about Kate, and protecting her is definitely in the forefront. He accepts an assignment to escort her back to St. Louis, but a new development in the case forces them to stay in Shelter Cove. However, has something sinister taken hold in sleepy little Shelter Cove...and will Tony be able stop any more killings before it is too late? 

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