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Threads of Suspicion~Dee Henderson | Review

Title: Threads of Suspicion (Evie Blackwell Cold Case #2)
Author: Dee Henderson
Genre: Suspense
Length: 432 Pages
Release: May 2017

A copy of this novel was provided through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

In Threads of Suspicion, Evie is part of the newly formed Missing Persons Task Force. She chooses to pursue the case of a college student who went missing without a trace in 2007. Her colleague, David, is researching the case of a missing Private Investigator who likewise vanished without a trace. While the two cases are dissimilar in time, they share a general locale which is why the two investigators are working at the same office location. As they separately pursue their cases, they bounce ideas and thoughts off one another.

There is something very relatable in all of Henderson's characters, and Evie is no different. Her personal internal debate as she is trying desperately to find the balance between career and relationships is very real to life. Dee manages to make police investigations about more than details (though her writing research gets all those details right!) but also about the people involved.

Detective Evie Blackwell is good at what she does; really good, so good in fact, that she has just been appointed by the governor to serve on an elite "Missing Persons Task Force" for the state of Illinois. Working within a team of highly talented investigators, she and her partner, David Marshal, head to Chicago to work on cases that don't seem to have anything in common except geographic location, until "threads of suspicion" begin to unravel in all directions and the two top cops feel a sense of urgency to find their killer.

This second novel in Dee Henderson's "Evie Blackwell Cold Case" series reads like an investigative textbook; full of swirling data, and confusing innuendos, but thankfully letting its readers tip-toe into the hearts and minds of two very focused detectives, whose personal lives hold just as many challenges as the facts of this case.

As the investigations continue, the cases begin to intertwine and even cross over into the personal lives of the two investigators. The resources of others are called in as the potential crimes take on even more ominous tones.

In addition to the mystery, the personal lives of the investigators are progressing. Evie has commitment issues and is trying to get to the bottom of why she is afraid of marriage. David's fiancee, Maggie, has commitment issues of her own with regards to faith.
Once again (at least for me) Dee Henderson has hit one out of the ballpark. This second in the Evie Blackwell series has a great mix of new and previous characters from other books. The intricacies of working a cold case and the intuitiveness of the requirements the law officers need to pull these cases together Dee relates in a very compelling and interesting manner. This book, though different from other books by Dee, is well worth the read.

Reading Dee Henderson's books is becoming part of the story. You love her characters, you hurt when they hurt, you smile when they smile and you wish you knew people like that in real life. When the story is over you look forward to the next one. Will it be about someone you met in this story? You hope so, because you don't want to let go of the people you met this time.

I highly recommend "Threads of Suspicion" by Dee Henderson. Evie Blackwell is a top investigator, with her partner, David Marshall. Trying to solve cases in Chicago area. They are trying to solve issuing person, but a cold case. As usual Dee Henderson has written a hard to put down mystery. A great book!

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