Friday, March 10, 2017

Snapshot~Brandon Sanderson | Review

Title: Snapshot
Author: Brandon Sanderson
Genre: Science Fiction/Mystery
Length: ~100 Pages
Release: February 2017

Brandon Sanderson is my favorite author and I was excited to learn about this novella. I read it on release day in February and enjoyed it a lot.

The idea for the world is quite fascinating. In this version of our near future Snapshot technology has been invented. It allows individuals--detectives, mostly--to visit a recreation of a certain day and solve crimes. There are a lot more details given throughout the story, and restrictions on the use of the technology, but that's the basic gist. And it's fascinating.

This is a short story, roughly 100 pages, but it packs a punch. I had a few ideas about what might be going on throughout the story, or questioned if certain things were possible and what they would mean, but Sanderson managed to give me several surprises.

While the characters in this were not brilliant, I did very much enjoy them. It was fun seeing how the characters interacted and learning more about them. I was constantly trying to figure out how Davis and his partner felt about each other, what their history was. And of course I was surprised by some of the exploration with their characters.

This story also brought up some deeper questions to consider, like what does it mean to be real? It was interesting to see how the various people in the Snapshots reacted to things and made me think a lot. I already need to reread this in order to grasp some of the little things the story had to offer as well as consider some of these questions.

I've heard that this was optioned for film and I hope that it makes it to the screen. If done well this could make a really fun movie.

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