Monday, March 27, 2017

Jackaby~William Ritter | Review

Title: Jackaby (Jackaby #1)
Author: William Ritter
Genre: Historical Paranormal Mystery
Length: 299 Pages (Hardcover)
Release: September 2014

You know when you read a story and it's just downright fun? That was me with Jackaby. The story itself was not amazing (though it was entertaining), but it was so much fun. 

Jackaby is basically Sherlock Holmes who can see and interact with the supernatural. Our first person narrator, Abigail, becomes his assistant at the beginning of the novel and the fun begins. 

The writing in this book was perfect. It kind of has a classic feel, which was great and really fits the story. It's set in New England in the late 1800's, which was an a added bonus. And the characters are phenomenal. I absolutely adored them. 

The cover is one thing that initially drew me to this book. And it really fits the story. It's kind of otherworldly, but normal all at once. I'm usually not one for faces on covers, but here it works well. I love the muted colors, the splashes of red in the darker shades of blue and black, the cobbled streets, everything. 

This is a great mystery that follows a fun detective and his adventurous assistant as they try to solve a string of murders in New Fiddleham. I don't feel like I can go into detail without giving too much away, so if any of what I've written sounds intriguing, just read it. I think you'll enjoy it. 

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