Monday, December 26, 2016

Fall of Hades~Richard Paul Evans | Review

Title: Fall of Hades (Michael Vey #6)
Author: Richard Paul Evans
Genre: Young Adult Science Fiction
Length: 328 Pages (Hardcover)
Release: September 2016
My Rating: 3/5 Stars

I was somewhat rusty on the details from the previous books, since I haven't read one since the release of book five in 2015, but I did find this one quite enjoyable. The main plot seemed to be furthered much more than it has been in the previous couple of installments, which I felt were mostly filler. Everything was not all great, however.

There was some teen romance angst that I found very annoying. It really did nothing for the character or plot progression, which would have been the only real reason to include it in the first place. Taylor was also very jealous throughout, which was very irksome. And why does everyone need to have a boyfriend or girlfriend? They are all like fifteen. 

The ending was fairly interesting and brought a ton of new questions, but somehow it still lacked something for me. Book seven will be released fall of 2017, and I do look forward to finishing the series, but I would have liked a little more from this book. Still, there are questions to be answered and I look forward to seeing the final outcome of Electroclan versus Hatch. 

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