Friday, December 23, 2016

Catalyst~S J Kincaid | Review

Title: Catalyst (Insignia #3)
Author: S J Kincaid
Genre: YA Science Fiction
Length: 419 Pages (Paperback)
Release: October 2014
My Rating: 5/5 Stars

This final installment in the Insignia trilogy was even better than the first two, which is saying something. I honestly haven't been able to stop thinking about this book since I finished it at the beginning of the month. The term "book hangover" definitely applies here. 

Going into this I was worried that Kincaid would not be able to adequately wrap things up, because so much was left open at the end of Vortex. My fears were needless, however, because it was brilliant

This final book was 400+ pages of action, humor, heartache, and insane revelations. It made me absolutely love characters I had been unsure of, understand the twisted motivations that were driving characters, and fall in love with the world more fully. Tom is how I imagine I would have been had I been born a boy. Well, he's what I would have wanted to be. He grew so much in these final chapters of his journey. Everything he went through made me laugh out loud, cry, and just smile like a crazy person. 

Blackburn is one of the best characters through the series just for the sheer fact that he's so morally gray. You learn a lot more about him in this book, but you have to judge for yourself if it makes him a hero or not. He's done a lot of questionable things. But he's fascinating. And I, for one, loved him. 

Kincaid has created a world that I will visit again and again. It has vivid and distinct characters that are brought to life with descriptive and active writing. This is by far my favorite of the trilogy. The conclusion left me completely satisfied, but also wishing that I could live in this world with these characters for much longer. Definitely one of the highlights of my reading year.   

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