Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tuesday Talks | How the Book Community Influences My Reading

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How the Book Community Influences my Reading
The biggest impact that a book community has had on my reading is expanding my reading spectrum. Ever since I got involved with Booktube, blogging, and goodreads about a year ago I've started reading more diversely. It's helped me determine what types of books I do and do not enjoy reading as well as introduced me to some amazing books that I would never have picked up otherwise. 

To me it's important to have a connection with other readers whether it be local book friends or online. The whole book community covers the world. I buddy read with people I know in person, people I know online, and get recommendations from so many different sources. I've found some of my favorite books through interacting with other readers online. 

The book community has mostly had a positive impact on my reading experiences. I've met some amazing people through my online interactions and learned so much about the world in general. Communicating with other book lovers has had an amazing impact on my life in general and I'm so excited to see how it continues to help me grow as a reader as well as a person in general.

What about you, how has the book community influenced you? 


  1. I completely agree about widening the spectrum - the online reading community has opened my eyes so much to what there is. It's helped me branch out into historical fiction and adult fiction, rather than sticking solely to YA

    1. Yes, there is always something else to find. And I have found out about so many books that I would have been completely oblivious to in the past. And I have loved a lot of those books.

  2. Aside from widening my reading spectrum, I've also started buying more books than I did before (joining the community) and I also feel under press to read more - but I think that is more to do with me setting high goals for myself :/

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    1. I know what you mean. I've bought way more than I used to. Now I'm just trying to get through the ones that I own before going out and buying too many more. And the pressure can be a bit overwhelming sometimes, particularly for bloggers and booktubers who feel like they have to get reviews and things posted to keep their audience.