Friday, July 31, 2015

The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts~ K C Tansley | Review

Title: The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts (Unbelievables #1)
Author: K C Tansley
Genre: YA Paranormal/Mystery
Length: 256 Pages
Release: July 2015
My Rating: 3/5 Stars

I received a copy of this novel through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

This novel was not quite what I was expecting. I didn't expect for their to be as many paranormal elements involved. I knew there were ghosts, but I thought it would be a time travel novel where the ghosts helped them solve an ancient murder. What I got was a novel filled with curses, magic, and twisted love triangles. 

Although it wasn't what I was expecting, I did enjoy the novel. The characters were likable and fairly well developed. The murder mystery was fascinating (as they usually are). I found the curse on the Radcliffe family intriguing and it kept me guessing throughout the book. 

Kat is a likable character, but I found her connection with the unbelievables to be somewhat confusing. She was a believer who was pretending not to believe and forgetting about them, but then was suddenly a believer again. I don't know, it was all very circular thinking that I couldn't keep clear in my head. 

When Kat and Evan are transported back in time (into the bodies of two of the wedding guests for the couple they are researching), things became very twisted. I enjoyed seeing events from Toria and Kat, but the swap between the two thoughts was a bit abrupt at times. All of the characters from the 1800s were quite fascinating and had some very mixed up love lives. Sometimes it was hard to keep track of who exactly was in love with whom. 

The novel was an enjoyable read, but at times it was tackling too much. There were a lot of connections between the characters from the past and those from the present. The connections were interesting, but very paranormal based. An enjoyable read with lots of potential.

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