Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tuesday Talks | Reading One Book or Several

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How Many Books Do You Read At Once?
So the topic for today's discussion is all about reading! (shocking, isn't it?) How many books do I read at a time? Well, funny you should ask. If you had asked me this question a month and a half ago, my answer would have quick, clear, and precise. One.

That, however, is well in the past. Since then I have become an avid reviewer and purchased a kindle (though I will always prefer the physical book). Now I find myself reading multiple books at once. Usually I will have one or two going on my kindle and another physical copy. It also depends on my mood. I've been somewhat restless the past month and find myself wanting to get into other things.

While I have been reading multiple books, I tend to have a main focus. Sometimes one book will sit for a while without much attention while I finish another (maybe two or three others), but I do get back to them. And usually they turn out to be very enjoyable once I get back to them.

One thing I love about reading one book at a time is that you are able to get engulfed in the world of that novel. If you read multiples, you have to be able to switch between the different worlds and stories. Surprisingly, I haven't found this as distracting as I thought I might. It also makes a difference what the books are. If you read all the same genre at once, that gets confusing. Reading several genres together makes it easy to switch worlds. You can also compare writing styles as you go. Sometimes that is helpful and harmful.

So, while I like getting immersed in one novel, I actually enjoy having a few going at once as well. I never thought I would say those words. And technically I guess I've written them, not said them. Anyway, what do you enjoy? Reading one novel or several?

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