Monday, April 23, 2018

Pelican Point~Irene Hannon | Review

Title: Pelican Point (Hope Harbor #4)
Author: Irene Hannon
Genre: Contemporary Christian Romance
Length: 368 pages
Release: April 2018

A free copy of this novel was received through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Once again Irene Hannon delivers a sweet love story wrapped up in the comfort and caring of the delightful town of Hope Harbor and its eclectic residents. I love the way Marci and Ben meet: hero recusing a hurt kitten stuck up a tree or a dangerous intruder, wandering around the backyard? - it’s kind of hard to tell between the two at night. Marci’s strong emotions get her into trouble, but her compassion and caring nature balance that out. Both Ben and Marci are hurting from recent events in their personal lives. There is an undeniable connection between Marci and Ben, and while neither want to pursue it for various reasons, events keep pushing them together.

There was a touch of suspense in the last section of the novel, which really pulls everything together and makes for an exciting conclusion. I wasn’t entirely sure of the way in which mental health was used an excuse or causation for the malicious character’s actions. It seemed a little unfeeling or stigmatizing, but it worked for the progression of the plot.

Despite everything that I loved about this novel, the thing I perhaps loved the most was the secondary story of Marci’s colleague and Ben’s neighbors, Greg and Rachel. They are a young, married couple whose marriage is struggling under the emotional fallout of an injury Greg sustained while serving overseas. Their story of reconciliation, gradual acceptance of outside support and their journey back towards a loving and supportive relationship was powerful. Perhaps overcoming depression and the emotional fallout of such an event may not be so easy in real life, but it was a delightful addition to the Pelican Point story.

Pelican Point is a wonderful addition to the Hope Harbor series. This stand-alone novel is a delightful and engaging story of sweet romance and overcoming fears.

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