Thursday, May 11, 2017

Beastly Bones~William Ritter | Review

Title: Beastly Bones (Jackaby #2)
Author: William Ritter
Genre: Historical Paranormal
Length: 295 Pages
Release: September 2015

William Ritter really has a way with words. With Jackaby I was immediately sucked into the story by the clever writing and Beastly Bones was exactly the same. 

This series blends historical fiction and paranormal occult occurrences together so well and is filled with likable characters. The story is narrated by Abigail Rook who became the assistant to R F Jacakby, a detective who can see paranormal phenomena. Abigail has always sought adventure, and with Jackaby she found it. There are ghosts, shapeshifters, vampires, dragons, and any other creature you can think of. 

This second installment really sets up the main story that we will follow for the two later installments. Because everything is connected, of course. And you finally start to learn how and a little bit of why. 

The characters in this series are so much fun. Jackaby is excellent on his own, always with a witty remark. The banter between him and Abigail is one of the highlights. Their developing friendship is a really nice one and I like that this series highlights the fact that you can be close to someone without having a romantic relationship. Charlie and Jenny are back for this installment, each adding their own flare to the story. 

While I find Ritter's writing fantastic and the stories engaging and fun, I do find them somewhat lacking. They aren't the kind of books that leave me with questions, contemplating them long after I've finished reading. That doesn't make them any less brilliant, they just aren't as memorable as I would like for them to be to boost them into my favorite books category. 

This is a series that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys mystery, paranormal elements, historical fiction, and wants to see those all blended together. They also have some great laugh out loud moments and likable characters. 

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