Monday, September 26, 2016

Winter's Heart~Robert Jordan | Review

Title: Winter's Heart (Wheel of Time #9)
Author: Robert Jordan
Genre: High Fantasy
Length: 668 Pages
Release: November 2000
My Rating: 4/5 Stars

This book was back on track as a solid addition to the series. Books seven and eight were both lacking a lot, but this one made up for a lot of that.

There was finally some progression with the main plot of the series, as Rand began working toward cleansing the male half of the True Source. He also worked toward hunting down rogue Asha'man.

And I finally got answers about what was happening with Mat! One of my biggest disappointments with book eight was the fact that Mat's story just disappeared, right in the middle of some very exciting advancements. But here we finally get some answers about what happened to him and what he's doing to get out of it. There are also some answers about The Daughter of the Nine Moons, who Mat is prophesied to marry. I found her character...very interesting.

Also some hints as to what may or may not have happened with Moiraine, if you look closely enough. This is hidden among the chapters that focus on the Chosen and the plots they have to take down Rand and his followers.

This series is full of a bunch of annoying characters (which is one reason I can't love it, they all irk me too much), but Elayne and Morgase are by far my least favorites. Well, Egwene might be somewhere in there. And Faile. Really, Jordan wasn't great at writing men but he was really bad at writing women.

Anyway, this was a solid installment in the series and left me eager to get to book ten. So here's to hoping that it doesn't disappoint me too much!

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