Thursday, July 14, 2016

Ashes~Grace Crandall | Review

Title: Ashes
Author: Grace Crandall
Genre: Fantasy
Length: 49 Pages
Release: September 2015
My Rating: 5/5 Stars

Over the past year I've been trying to get more into short fiction and short writing in general. So far, I have not been disappointed. Or rather, the things I have enjoyed have far outweighed those I did not. This is no exception.

This little novella tops off at 49 pages, but it packs a punch for something so short. And it begs to be expanded, so I'm excited to see if the author decides to revisit this world and characters in the future.

This story follows a few different characters with converging story lines. Fendin is a soldier/spy for the king and all he wants is freedom. But what he's learned is that freedom comes with a cost and the things he once thought were black and white are really many different shades of gray. There are no easy answers in life.

The other main characters are one of the rebel leaders and his children. The children added something that is often overlooked in these kinds of stories. They were wise beyond their years but still had a sense of wonder and innocence that was lacking in the older characters. It would be great to see more of them.

This is a quick and exciting read that gives you a lot to think about. The writing is solid and ideas well fleshed out. I am very much looking forward to reading more by this author in the future. 

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