Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tuesday Talks | Novellas in Series

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If there are Novellas in a Series do you read them?
There are many series (particularly if you read YA series) that have novellas between books or as prequels. To be honest, I rarely ever read these. I've read a few, but most of the time I don't really see a point unless I can find a copy really easily. Some of my favorite series have novellas that I have still yet to read. Most of the time I don't find them that informative or necessary. Sometimes they link certain pieces of information together to help you better understand the stories or characters, but I still just don't usually read them. Sometimes a novella will be like its own little novel, explaining a certain side character or story line that wasn't finished or explored. These can be interesting and are the ones that I am more likely to pick up. 

So this was a short post, but it was an easy answer. I don't do much with novellas that are part of a series in general. Do you read them? If so, do you think they had something to the story or do you read them just to read them?

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