Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Tuesday Talks | Unwanted Books

Yes, I know. It's Wednesday, but here is your Tuesday Talks for the week! Be sure to check out the goodreads group to find out more information about the group and what we do.

What to Do With Unwanted Books 
I will admit that I am somewhat of a book hoarder. I don't get rid of a lot of books, at least not quickly. I have several books sitting on my bedroom floor that I need to find a home for and still haven't. A couple of them have been sitting in there for about a year... But I do have some reasons for not getting rid of books, one of which is that I generally don't buy books that I haven't read or that I'm not almost certain I will want to keep. 

I hate spending money. I always have and I'm sure I probably always will. Even when I'm buying things I need I have a hard time. With books I generally only buy the ones that I've already read and loved (and know I will read again) or ones that I'm almost completely positive I'll like. Occasionally I do buy cheap books that look interesting (that has happened far too often lately). 

When I want to get rid of books I'll give them away, donate them to the library, trade them for store credit at a used book store, or sell them myself. I really want to open my own little used book store. Really just a store of random things where I sell books, things I've knitted, costumes, really anything of interest. I try to ask friends if they are interested in them and give them away before anything else.

So what do you do with your unwanted books? Do you have any?


  1. I have a few unwanted books. Either ones I really hated or I just somehow obtained doubles of. Because of the blog I have I often host a giveaway and pass them onto someone else who might enjoy it more than I did.

    1. I've been thinking about doing the same thing. I tend to like giving away books that I've personally enjoyed, but others might be interested in my cast offs as well. We don't all always like the same things, after all.