Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tuesday Talks | The goodreads Rating System

You can find more information about Tuesday Talks on the goodreads group page here.

Today we are discussing the goodreads rating system and how we use it. When I first started using goodreads I was surprised that you could only give whole star ratings. You can only rate a book 1-5 stars, with no in between. This means that you have to round ratings either up or down if you want to give a rating somewhere in between.

Now I tend to use this rating, giving them a rating between 1 and 5. Rarely do I round. I tend to think only in terms of whole ratings.

The main thing I try to do is not compare ratings of one book with the ratings of other books. Just because I rate two books 4 stars does not mean that I find them to be equal in any way. I try not to compare books, which can get very annoying when people are asking me to pick favorites.

This was an odd little post, but these were some of my thoughts on the goodreads rating system. Let me know how you use the system!

Until next time. Keep reading.


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