Friday, November 14, 2014

NaNoWriMo Update!

I thought I would write a quick post about my NaNoWriMo experience thus far. The goal is 50,000 words in 30 days (the month of November). I excluded Sundays and a few days for Yallfest (a book festival in Charleston SC) and another day for Thanksgiving. After taking out all of these, I was left 22 days. My goal was to write 2500 words every day that I write.

I hit a slump where I was having a hard time writing for about a day. I forced myself through it and have reached my goal every day. On most days I have surpassed my goal. I currently have over 34 thousand words and I am feeling exhilarated.

Today's writing session was great! I got so much done and really started to feel like my story is going somewhere great. I've also started to come up with a plan to continue being very productive throughout the rest of the year. I'm really excited to be completing this years NaNoWriMo challenge and the push it has given me to continue to improve my consistency with my writing.

After this month I will be setting monthly goals for myself that will either have to do with planning, research, or word count. I'm a person that does really well when I know I have deadlines, so all I have to do is set some. I'm really excited to see where the next few months take me on my writing journey.

Let me know how your NaNoWriMo experience is going. I may be posting writing excerpts and things here on my blog if you are interested in checking them out. If you are participating and having a hard time, just push through. Even if you don't hit the goal, just set your own smaller goal to meet.

This is a bit of a messy blog post, but I just wanted to give some general updates about my progress thus far and how it has been inspiring me.

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Until next time. This has been your book loving friend Courtney.

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