Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Crooked Staircase~Dean Koontz | Review

Title: The Crooked Staircase (Jane Hawk #3)
Author: Dean Koontz
Genre: Thriller
Length: 462 Pages
Release: May 2018

I received a copy of this novel from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

This third installment in the Jane Hawk series keeps the action amped up as Jane continues to hunt down members of the secret organization that is slowly overtaking the world with its control mechanism that turns even the most willful individuals into slaves. All it takes is a round of three injections and your mind is no longer yours. 

These books are frightening because they are realistic. It does not seem that far fetched to imagine a world where corrupt people with a little power have developed a way to control the population. This adds an eerie quality to the story, particularly when you end up in the head of one of these "adjusted" people and are privy to their reactions. 

There were a lot of heartbreaking moments within this installment. At this point, it's amazing that Jane can keep going. And the woman is only twenty-seven years old. Her well of hope seems to have an endless spring, and she is going to need it. 

One thing that I appreciate is that Koontz has written a strong woman, who is extremely capable, but doesn't make it so that she can take on fully grown men with ease. He shows her struggle to fight against men and women alike and it's often her training that gets her out of situations, which is always a good thing. She is not superhuman, but she is well trained and is fighting for the good of the world and her family. 

My main criticism of this series is that it seems never ending. There are already at least two more books announced and I don't see how the story can be wrapped up satisfactorily. If anyone can do it, Koontz can, but I'm eager to see the end of this journey. They are emotional rides and the end of this one has me sweating. 

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