Friday, November 3, 2017

Seize the Night~Dean Koontz | Review

Title: Seize the Night (Moonlight Bay #2)
Author: Dean Koontz
Genre: Suspense/Thriller/Horror
Length: 443 Pages
Release: December 1998

"Fortune favors the bold. Of course, so does Death."

This followup to Fear Nothing continues Chris Snow's story as he and his friends confront the horrors of a changing world. It wasn't quite as good as its predecessor for me, but I did really enjoy it, and of course the writing is beautiful. 

The best thing about this novel was that we got a lot more of Bobby and a lot more of Bobby and Chris. Bromances are my favorite and this one was great. There closeness comes through really well here, building on what we had already seen in Fear Nothing. And like any good Koontz novel, there is excellent humor. 

"Stuff like this is why I don't listen to the news these days."

"You've never listened to the news."

"I know. But I used to have different reasons."

While some people may not enjoy Koontz's philosophising, I always enjoy the wisdom offered through the introspection of his characters. Chris is no different. 

Time travel is always interesting, and we get a small bite of that here. It's odd and jumbled and just plain strange, but it's also really interesting. This is only the second in what is supposed to be a at least a three book series. Book three is about twenty years overdue. Hopefully it comes eventually, but I wasn't completely disatisfied with how this one ended. It needs closure, but it wasn't a complete cliffhanger. 

Another solid read from Koontz. If you haven't read his novels yet, go ahead and do it.

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