Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Stonekeeper~Kazu Kibuishi | Review

Title: The Stonkeeper (Amulet #1)
Author: Kazu Kibuishi
Genre: Graphic Novel, Fantasy
Length: 192 Pages
Publication: January 2008
My Rating: 5/5 Stars

After the death of her father, Emily moves with her mother and younger brother Navin to an old family home. But everything is not as it seems. Emily finds an amulet and soon must rely on the power it lends her to save her mother from a demon in another world.

This was the first graphic novel that I've ever read (I think) and I thought it was excellent. I do think the beginning could use some tweaking. I just feel it was somewhat too sudden. The accident, being thrown two years into the future, it could have been a bit slower and given us time to connect with Emily rather than forcing us to connect based on her circumstances. 

Once you get into the story it's loads of fun. The world that Emily and her family venture into is fascinating and I loved the illustrations. I'm not sure that graphic novels are completely my thing, but I do appreciate the fact that people can write and illustrate them. It was beautiful. I often paused just to stare at a certain page I found intriguing. 

The story itself reads like a nice middle grades fantasy story. The amulet lends powers to Emily and she has to choose whether to keep it and wield its powers or turn away from the path she's on. The relationship between Emily and Navin was really nice too. They argued like real siblings, but still loved each other. I really appreciate when sibling relationships are given a realistic touch. 

I'm really excited to get into the rest of this series. This one leaves us with an interesting cliff hanger and I'm interested to see where the next one leads. I also can't wait to explore more of this world with its robots and bunnies and powerful amulets. It's really fun and really quick. I highly recommend it if you're looking for a fun graphic novel to try out them out. This is definitely a good one.

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